So what is
In short, is a web-based program aimed at making disciples of Jesus Christ and connecting them with resources, worship, and peers relevant to their specific walks with God. Read on if you’d like to find out how we plan to make it happen.

Who is God?
Is He a distant spectator or a friend who’s closer than a brother?
Is He a world-changer or just another conversation piece?
Is He responsible for the pain in the world, or is He the cure of it?

Here at, we are passionately committed to proclaiming the good news of God, one question at a time. We are working to help an entire culture discover—or rediscover—the relevance of God in their lives. Using a short assessment, we reach out to seekers and followers of Jesus alike by helping them to discover their unique spiritual profiles. From there, we’re able to foster the relationships that turn seekers and casual followers into all-in disciples.

The profile is just the beginning.
See, when Jesus left the earth, He didn’t just call His disciples to make converts; He called them to make more disciples. That means that a decision for Christ is just the beginning. The internet is a world, a culture, a space, filled with seekers. A simple keyword analysis search reveals that people perform over 55 million searches for “God” each month. That means that, worldwide, about 1.7 million people are searching for God each day. The internet is way more than a tool or technology; it is indeed a world full of unreached people.

So how is making disciples?
By desperately trying to reach the world of internet God-seekers exactly where they are. By bringing corporate worship, Bible study, fellowship, and church-sponsored mission to exciting new spaces. By reimagining the brick-and-mortar church and turning over the space of the internet to the Lord of the Universe. If the internet is a world full of unreached people, the followers of Jesus need to start speaking the language of the internet. At, we get that. And we’re ready to start talking.

But what’s this “Follow Me” stuff?
Come follow Me! See, when Jesus Christ called his disciples (that is, his followers), He beckoned, “Come follow Me.” In other words, begin where you’re at, and come to where I am. Jesus didn’t say, “Well, before you can be my disciple, we’ve gotta get you through a reputable seminary.” He didn’t say, “But first, you’re going to need a new tunic.” Jesus said, “Come follow Me.” At, we embrace that idea: begin where you’re at and start learning how to follow God, one day at a time.

What’s with that sheep?
That fuzzy blue sheep is Abe,’s official mascot/resident encourager/comedian. When Jesus talks about his followers, He often describes Himself as Shepherd and His followers as sheep. The point is that God chooses to protect, provide for, live with, and die for His followers. We think the sheep is a good way to remember how God cares for us. Not baaaad, huh?

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